2017! Where did it go?

Hey everyone - just checking in.  2017, at least musically, has been very productive and is the perfect warmup to 2018.  Travels up and down the East Coast and Europe were wonderful. Writing has begun for a new instrumental album featuring some wonderful musicians I will be announcing shortly.  Also, my vocals will make an appearance on a new solo recording in 2018.  An exciting year ahead, so please stay tuned.  There is a bit of 2017 left as well and December will be a very busy month - details in the TOUR section of the site!

More soon!



Summer, WKCR, Orion Tango, Solo Album and more!

Hi everyone!  

I hope this post finds you well. 

It's been an action packed summer with performing, traveling, some radio appearances and even some great news for my diabetes.  In case you don't know I was diagnosed (late onset) with Type 1 Diabetes a few years ago.  Not very fun but I'm getting better at managing it and especially now that I have the Dexcom G5 sensor which basically monitors my blood sugar every few minutes and displays the info on my phone.  If I go too high or low, I get an alert.  Super helpful.

In musical developments, I was fortunate to be able to appear on WKCR three times this year with different groups.  Once by myself to promote Stars Are Far and be interviewed.  Then with Anders Nilsson and Francois Grillot.  Finally a duet with my old friend Brian Settles.  See below for links.  WKCR/Columbia University is a massively important radio station for many types of music-all of them being good.  My most favorite station.  I'll likely be back on again soon!

Orion Tango is starting to really gain some steam after our WXPN Key Sessions appearance and then at Ortlieb's in Philadelphia where I did double duty with Giant Dwarf to open the show.  The Ortlieb's performance resulted in a great live album which is now being prepared for release on 1k Recordings, Tim Motzer's eclectic label based in Philly.  Very excited for everyone to hear it - and also psyched for a Giant Dwarf tour (with special guest Irwin Menken from Lee Ranaldo's group) on bass throughout Europe in February.

This month I'll be doing several performances with Cosmos Sunshine, Matt Lavelle and the 12 Houses Orchestra as well as Vincent Chancey's quartet-check the calendar for more details.

Writing starts soon for a new solo album so stay tuned for that and I hope to see you at a show soon!


Orion Tango at WXPN

WKCR - Jeremy Carlstedt Interview, Brian Settles/Jeremy Carlstedt Duo



Review from Something Else!

Proud to be getting so much positive feedback for Stars Are Far.  Below is a review from Something Else! by S. Victor Aaron. 

Thank you for all of the support out there and stay tuned for many more positive musical excursions this year!


Jeremy Carlstedt was a key figure in Brian Settles/Central Union’s bold debut Secret Handshake and maybe it’s no surprise to find that Carlstedt’s own career is about risk taking and banishing boundaries. The drummer — a former protégé of the late, great Chico Hamilton — issued his own debut a year after Settles did his, an art-rock EP entitled When I Wake Up (2012), but we’re here to examine his first long player, the jazz-minded Stars Are Far.

With the saxophonist Settles himself on board on this album along with electric guitarist Tim Motzer and standup bassist Eric Wheeler, Stars adopts the fury and passion of mid-60s Coltrane and reconciles it ever so subtly to Carlstedt’s rock side. The explosiveness of the first two tracks in particular do a great job in establishing that what Trane was doing then wasn’t that far removed from what Hendrix was doing a scant couple of years later. Settles and Motzer offer up a unified to Wheeler’s roving bass figures for “Dust,” after which Carlstedt launches into an Elvin Jones strong swing as Motzer’s rock guitar attack assets control, like a moment out of Sonny Sharrock’s Ask The Ages. The opening head of “Eggs and Grits” picks up where “Dust” left off and then goes off the abyss in free mode but without losing the melodic idea, which is allowed to mutate and evolve. Carlstedt leads the band into new directions in this four-way improv that simply flutters instead of scatters.

More echoes of late-period Coltrane can be found in the Interstellar Space-like sax-drums combustion “Open Road,” where Settles goes down a melodic path and Carlstedt’s unrestraint eventually entices the saxophonist to increase his. Conversely, Settles sits out of “The Photographer,” a rock ballad, dominated by Motzer’s slightly fuzzy soul tones.

Carlstedt’s palette for this album extends well beyond just a couple of influences, however, highlighted by a couple of interesting one-on-one’s between the drummer and guitarist. Motzer plays exotic, African folk instruments (or, so it sounds) on the peaceful “Refracting” over Carlstedt’s calypso beat. Ghostly shadings set “Four Point Two” in motion as Carlstedt’s brushes gently agitate from behind Motzer’s astral vibe.

Across these seven performances, the highly intuitive and forceful nature of Jeremy Carlstedt shines through to lend cohesion and makes Stars Are Far a gripping excursion that tests the limits of rock-jazz.


Source - Something Else!



Stars Are Far!

I'm really proud to present my latest record - Stars Are Far.

It's an avant jazz/experimental recording with a bit of rock thrown in.  

The musicians are:  me (of course!), Brian Settles on saxophone, Tim Motzer on guitar and Eric Wheeler on bass.  Literally some of the greatest and original musicians on the scene.  It's an honor to have recorded with them.  The album features 5 of my originals and a few improvs.  I haven't done a 'jazz' record of my own so this is a special moment!

Special thanks to:

Steven Walcott (engineer), Stuart Martin (mix/mastering) and Baptiste Cummings (art/layout)

NY City Jazz Record (November 2015) wrote an amazing review - hopefully more to come!

You can get the record at the usual places - see links below and thanks to all my friends for being so supportive.  It makes it so much more worth it when you can share the music with people who understand what you are going for.



June in Seattle!


Had a great time in Seattle playing with my good friend Tim Kennedy - a brilliant pianist.  A real pleasure to also meet Thomas Marriot (an remarkable trumpet player) as well as Jef Johnson (an amazing bassist who played in Philly Joe Jones' group).  If you haven't been, please visit.  

It's one of the most beautiful cities I've been to!

 Thanks for the pic TK!

Thanks for the pic TK!



South of France Tour!

I was honored to be a part of a wonderful tour last month.

Organized by Serge Pesce (guitar) - featuring Vincent Chancey (French Horn) and Barre Phillips (bass).  

This was one of the greatest musical and life experiences I have ever had.

We had two major performances, but lots of time in between so I really had a chance to explore the South of France from St. Laurent Du Var to Saorges, Vence, Avignon, Cavillion, Saint Andiol, Eygalières, Grasse with a quick stop in Italy and the beautiful town of Ventimiglia.

It's the truth that when you leave the US the appreciation for the arts immediately goes up, and as an artist, your job is treated with the same respect as the highest paid jobs are treated with here.  This makes it very easy to focus on the music and hit the stage feeling energized and appreciated - with an audience that is ready to listen and absorb.

The group was wonderful to make music with, and it being our first time on the road as a unit - I felt like we really communicated like we had been playing for years.  Also - my French speaking basics got a tiny bit better!

Needless to say I can't wait to go back!

Here are a few pics from the tour.



Chico Hamilton

Wanted to share this pic with my mentor Chico Hamilton, which was taken by Todd Boebel.  I'll be writing a remembrance (one of many I am sure) about my experiences with Chico.  

I'm honored to have been able to spend so many years not only as a member of Euphoria, but also off the bandstand.





Busy year so far!

Hello friends!

I hope you are enjoying 2015 so far-it's been an eventful one for me 3 months in.

Recently I played drums on the upcoming release by Cosmos Sunshine, an extremely talented vocalist/guitarist.  This was tracked to 2" tape and will see release on vinyl - I can't wait to see it spinning around on my turntable!  Saxophonist Brian Settles and I finished mixing and mastering our duet recording with the incredible Stuart Martin at Stonebridge Music in Leesburg, VA.  Brian and I have been making music together for over 20 years and it's very exciting to have our duet recorded so well.   To my ears it's very reminiscent of an ECM recording.   In other recording news, Vincent Chancey and I have also been working on duet music - if you don't know Vincent, please look him up as he's likely the best jazz French horn player on the planet (and that's assuming there are French horns on other, yet to be discovered planets!).

I'll be heading to Europe, France to be exact in April with a wonderful quartet featuring Vincent, Serge Pesce and the legendary bassist Barre Philips!  I feel very special to be a part of this group and hopefully we will record while we are all there together - I'll be sure to post lots of photos from the trip.

More news soon!


PS - if you are in NYC, stay warm and safe - it's an actual snowstorm! :)




Welcome to 2015 - already looking like it's going to be a busy year!

This month I'm going into the studio with my very talented friend Cosmos Sunshine to record a vinyl release on tape of his tunes.  Really beautiful music and lots of special guests.  Also this month are performances with bassist extraordinaire Tarus Mateen's quartet, virtuoso guitarist Steve Bloom's trio and Cosmos' new group.  A great way to start 2015.

Stay tuned - much more to come!

In the meantime here is a link to a video of one of Cosmos' tunes on the Relix magazine website:




Vincent Chancey Quartet


Really excited to be a part of Vincent's group for the Rendall Memorial Presbyterian Church - Harlem's Afternoon Jazz Series on November 25th.

I have been working with Vincent for several years now in different configurations including a recent performance with his group at Minton's.  

Vincent is one of the greatest French Horn players around-period. 

Details below: