Hello friends!

I hope you are enjoying 2015 so far-it's been an eventful one for me 3 months in.

Recently I played drums on the upcoming release by Cosmos Sunshine, an extremely talented vocalist/guitarist.  This was tracked to 2" tape and will see release on vinyl - I can't wait to see it spinning around on my turntable!  Saxophonist Brian Settles and I finished mixing and mastering our duet recording with the incredible Stuart Martin at Stonebridge Music in Leesburg, VA.  Brian and I have been making music together for over 20 years and it's very exciting to have our duet recorded so well.   To my ears it's very reminiscent of an ECM recording.   In other recording news, Vincent Chancey and I have also been working on duet music - if you don't know Vincent, please look him up as he's likely the best jazz French horn player on the planet (and that's assuming there are French horns on other, yet to be discovered planets!).

I'll be heading to Europe, France to be exact in April with a wonderful quartet featuring Vincent, Serge Pesce and the legendary bassist Barre Philips!  I feel very special to be a part of this group and hopefully we will record while we are all there together - I'll be sure to post lots of photos from the trip.

More news soon!


PS - if you are in NYC, stay warm and safe - it's an actual snowstorm! :)