I was honored to be a part of a wonderful tour last month.

Organized by Serge Pesce (guitar) - featuring Vincent Chancey (French Horn) and Barre Phillips (bass).  

This was one of the greatest musical and life experiences I have ever had.

We had two major performances, but lots of time in between so I really had a chance to explore the South of France from St. Laurent Du Var to Saorges, Vence, Avignon, Cavillion, Saint Andiol, Eygali√®res, Grasse with a quick stop in Italy and the beautiful town of Ventimiglia.

It's the truth that when you leave the US the appreciation for the arts immediately goes up, and as an artist, your job is treated with the same respect as the highest paid jobs are treated with here.  This makes it very easy to focus on the music and hit the stage feeling energized and appreciated - with an audience that is ready to listen and absorb.

The group was wonderful to make music with, and it being our first time on the road as a unit - I felt like we really communicated like we had been playing for years.  Also - my French speaking basics got a tiny bit better!

Needless to say I can't wait to go back!

Here are a few pics from the tour.